Hi there! I’m Magdi Hazaa. I'm a full-stack web developer and designer currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I also enjoy writing and digital illustration, so I often combine that into my work, using the web as a medium to create games, web apps, and story-driven virtual experiences. I mainly use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (along with JS libraries like P5JS and Pixi.js.) As well as back end technologies like Node.js, Socket.IO, PHP, and MySQL. Feel free to contact me at magdihazaa@gmail.com or on social media. Thanks for visiting my website and enjoy your stay!

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Cosmic Chat - 2018

Side-scroller virtual chat room

With Cosmic Chat, I tried to create a visually-rich, atmospheric virtual chatroom. It allows up to 50 players in each room with real-time feedback. I built it using a WebGL library; Pixi.js, with Node and Socket.IO for the back-end. I painted the assets using a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator. Starting with the sketch in the former, establishing the flat-tones in Illustrator, then taking it back to Photoshop for the shading and post-processing. Following that, I used After Effects to animate some of the sprites, and I made music that fits the tone of Cosmic Chat's universe.

Soundbox - 2017

Music production web application

Soundbox is a web app I programmed with JS. It transcribes text into sound either directly from the keyboard, or through three layers of text playing simultaneously. I don't own the sounds, but I added the functionality to upload your own audio for each key. Unfortunately, Soundbox doesn't work (at least as expected) in mobile browsers, since they require explicit user input for each audio to play. However, it works on all modern browsers (at least all the ones I tested!)

BrightNet - 2017


This was a website I created for BrightNet; a Malaysian tech company that provides business automation, computer hardware, network and security solutions, along with other tech services.

Perennial - 2018

Point-and-click game

In this project, I wanted to tab into themes of memory, nostalgia, and intergenerational connections. As a point-and-click 2d game, you experience two timelines simultaneously as the narrator visits his great grandmother house in the outskirts of Savannah, Georgia, reflecting on all the parallels between her life and his own. I built Perennial using JavaScript canvas, with some overlayed DOM elements for the text. I designed the assets using a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator. The song in the background is Perth by Amiina

The Anxious Catalogue - 2018

data presentation website*

Using survey data of 50 people talking about their experience with anxiety I tried to make a genuine portrayal of that using only text and sound. I tried the capture the experience of negativity being our default setting, our brains constantly reverting to a state of unease and self-deprecation, where the only way out is to persistently try. Most of the sounds in this project are original and it was a huge part of overcoming the challenge of making this website strictly using the textual data. I created this project with a combination of HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript. I also used the MCADGEN npm extension to generate the html page from the survey data.

Forest Enchanter - 2018

3D game (collaboration with Hannah Jerrie)

This project was a collaboration between me and Hannah Jerrie (@onirodot on twitter). Hannah was amazing to work with. She designed the assets, and I programmed the game mechanics with Unreal Engine. In this game demo, you get to explore a dark meditative world with a flying wizard and his little cat companion as they illuminate a dark, mystical forest.

The Walk - 2016

Side-scroller short story

The Walk is an interactive side-scrolling website that tells the story of a kid helping his friend deal with grief. The story is told through text as the two kids explore the woods where one of them used to walk his recently-deceased dog. I started by writing the text and creating the vector-based visuals with Adobe Illustrator, along with some post-processing in Photoshop. For the code, I used HTML/CSS for the responsive layout, and vanilla JavaScript to control the movement and interactivity.

Days Left - 2018

Top-down shooter game

Days Left is a top-down shooter game. The goal is to kill as many monsters as possible. It uses the typical shooter mechanics, with a bullet count and reload time as well as a stamina meter, and the ability to annihilate all enemies on the screen three times per game. I programmed this on HTML5 canvas using JavaScript and the P5JS library.

Mono no Aware - 2015

Interactive digital comic series

Mono No Aware is the project that really got me into this field. It’s a web series of brief, digital web comics. They follow one character through nine formative moments in his coming-of-age years. Illustrating every piece in greyscale, with dominant silhouettes and a grain effect, I tried to explore the idea of memory, the transience of human connection, and the value of expressing oneself. For the most part, it’s strictly HTML and CSS, with few things in JavaScript. The song in the background is Queen of Hearts by Joan Baez